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International Kids Sunflower


International Kids Sunflower is a bilingual kindergarten with a strong focus on English as well as Thai. We offer a wide range of learning experiences to promote a well rounded education.

Bilingual Kindergarten


We recognize the children need for speaking English as well as Thai, preparing for a mainstream school in other countries as well as Thailand. We recognize that each child is unique in their learning.

Located in Krabi Province


“International Kids Sunflower” is a bilingual kindergarten located in Krabi Province just outside of Tambol Saitai Muang Krabi
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“The future starts here”

International Kids Sunflower School is bilingual kindergarten located just outside of Ao Nang. Founded in 2014 as a small school servicing the needs of a few children, International Kids Sunflower has continued to grow and thrive, and now provides a wonderful safe and friendly environment for your child. We provide a well-rounded education and are committed to developing all aspects of your child. Our goal is to develop and prepare your child for mainstream education both within Thailand and abroad.


We have a teaching style that incorporates learning through play and experience ensuring your child will have many hands on activities to keep their minds active and learning.


Sunflower follows the Thai curriculum, however, teaches both in Thai and English. Our structure and teaching styles differ from your typical Thai school, with a big influence on learning through play and creative learning. Your child will graduate Annubhan1, 2 and 3 as they would at a Thai School.

We have a three-fold focus with our curriculum. Firstly, develop the mind body and spirit are child simultaneously as all these aspects are interdependent to learning. Secondly, to have a strong level of English Speakers teaching and interacting with our children on a daily basis and thirdly, to be aware and conscious of the different learning levels of all the children, ensuring they get the best education suited to them.


At Sunflower we recognize that all children are different. Our classes are small and we have a great teaching team who are flexible and work to assisting the individual child, changing lesson plans and teaching styles as needed. We are committed to keeping or classes small with a philosophy of quality not quantity ensuring that your child gets the support and education that they deserve.



Cooking Classes for Children

They can help prepare food and cook. Cooking with kids provides practical experience with many essential skills such as reading, following directions, and measuring. Getting involved in cooking helps your child to develop fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, and even early concepts of math and science

Montessori is a method of education

Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and play. In Montessori classrooms children make creative choices in their learning. Each child is valued as a unique individual. Montessori education recognizes that children learn in different ways, and accommodates all learning styles.

Learning through play and balancing the school

Learning through play and balancing the school curriculum with fun activities is always our top priority and policy within the school. Children can learn and make sense of the world around them, whilst learning through play. This helps children develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally and gain the self-confidence to engage in new experiences and with the environment around them.

The Russian Ballet School

The Russian Ballet School in Krabi Town works with Sunflower School and provides ballet lessons for any student interested on Friday afternoons at Sunflower. A great opportunity for students to begin ballet.

Sunflower is bringing Art to our students

Sunflower is bringing Art to our students, because we realise the the importance of Art for the development and creativity of little minds. In association with All Art Tutor and Gallery in Krabi Town, we are offering weekly lessons with local artist Kru Ying.

Passionate about all aspects of learning

At Sunflower we are passionate about all aspects of learning. We feel a great deal can be learnt from exploring the local community and environment. Field trips to explore local farms and gardens help our students identify how foods grow, what different foods look like, what are produced on the local farms such as rubber, shrimp, fruit and vegetables.

International Kids Sunflower Teaching Focus

  1. Development
  2. Physical (Motor) skills development
  3. Social and emotional development
  4. Numeracy, the ability to understand and work with numbers
  5. Language
  6. Aesthetic and artistic, creative expression
  7. Discovering, new impressions and an integrated approach to learning

Application Requirements

Completed registration form

Copy of parents I.D.

Copy of Birth certificate

Passport pictures

Copy of insurance

We understand  that choosing your child’s  first school can be a big decision, and we are pleased that you are considering Sunflower questions about the school, but the best way to geta good understanding of International Kids Sunflower is  to come in for a visit.

Contact Information

International Kids Sunflower

76 Moo.5 Tambol Saitai
Muang Krabi 81000

Call: Thai / English +66901650425


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